1KW Level E-power system

We have sophisticated e-powertrain system solutions cover 500w-1000W.

-Motor: 500W-1000W wheel hub motor

-Voltage: 24V/48V/72V

-Battery capacity: 20Ah/30Ah/50Ah

-Charger: 300-500W

-Other Specification: With BMS, motor controller, T-box, display and remote control available in this system

-Application scenario: Intelligent cart, e-bike, e-scooter, e-skateboard, etc.

10KW level E-power system

During the past years, we developed 10KW level e-powertrain system to many customers in different scenarios.

-Motor: 5KW~90KW BLDC Motor
-Peak Torque: 5~100N·m for different motors
-Voltage: 24V/48V/72V/96V/380V
-Battery capacity: 20Ah/30Ah/50Ah/62Ah
-Charger: 1KW~6.6KW
-Other Specification: With BMS, motor controller, VCU, T-box,  display and remote control available in this system
-Application scenario: E-motor, e-karting, UTV/ATV, e-boat, forklift,  etc.


Vehicle Electronic System

We help our customer to design and calibrate their own electronic system, including:

- Electronic diagram 

- Electronic parts sourcing

- Electronic integrated platform test

- Electronic system final test in vehicle

- Service for under 30KW system.

Solar+ESS+EV Charging System

Solar-ESS-Charging System to build your house based smart power center.

We bear our own green energy brand--BECDAWN POWER, which can provide our customer the whole system of ESS, charger and solar panel.

-Solar Panel: expandable with Solar PV panels; with DC-DC, or DC-AC inverter to power up ESS units, or to house power directly; even sell the electricity to Grid company;

-ESS: nominal output 7.6/9.6KW AC, expandable from 8.2kWh to 49.2kWh; 

-Charger: 7KW/11KW AC

-Portable energy storage(optional): 1000Wh/1280Wh